Projects Proposals | Networked Software Systems Laboratory

# Project Supervisor Status
4540 Kubernetes/Calico Project Yaniv Ben-Itzhak Taken
4571 correlate packet capture with application Yaniv Ben-Itzhak Taken
4476 AUVSI2018 - CS - Computer Systems Part: 2 Hovav Gazit Taken
4475 AUVSI2018 - MP - Mission Planner Part: 2 & Cyber Security Hovav Gazit Taken
4503 XBOX Controller Hovav Gazit Taken
4594 Smart doorbell camera Oren Kalinsky Taken
3846 SIMD nested loop join implementation Oren Kalinsky Available
4595 Smart mobile camera Oren Kalinsky Taken
4636 Social network smart house Oren Kalinsky Taken
3845 Parallel join algorithm Oren Kalinsky Available
4548 Music Notes Scanner App Oren Kalinsky Taken
4429 Fullstack Android System: App & Server 2 Roman Kaplan Taken
4231 Deep Learning Competition Web-based System Roman Kaplan Taken
4431 Use Machine Learning to decide which Cryptocurrency to mine Roman Kaplan Taken
4466 Construct a Human Genome with Deep Learning 1 Roman Kaplan Available
4428 Fullstack Android System: App & Server 1 Roman Kaplan Taken
4468 Construct a Human Genome with Deep Learning 2 Roman Kaplan Taken
4605 Grades Viktor Kulikov Taken
4588 Android calories app Viktor Kulikov Taken
4477 Android financial Viktor Kulikov Taken
4619 Labadmin notification Viktor Kulikov Taken
4137 חוזים חכמים Alex Manuskin Taken
4488 Concurrency with Java 9 Hagar Meir Available
4487 Concurrency with Java 9 Hagar Meir Available
4624 jump consistent hash (JCH) Algorithm Gal Mendelson Taken
4617 Class Presence App Roy Mitrany Taken
4563 Wifi Throughput Improvement Roy Mitrany Taken
4542 AWS IoT: Baggage Tracking Roy Mitrany Taken
4539 AWS IoT: Watering Advisor Roy Mitrany Taken
4572 Simulation Vs Reality Roy Mitrany Available
4458 Off Bitcoin Blockchain Payment Channels Oded Naor Available
4459 Smart Contracts for Cryptocurrencies Oded Naor Taken
4608 Smart Contracts for Cryptocurrencies Oded Naor Taken
4285 Content-Driven Multithreading in a Systolic Array Architecture Gil Shomron Available
4530 ניתוח רשת הביטקוין תחת שינויים פתאומים של כח החישוב Alexander Spiegelman Taken
4523 ניתוח forks ברשת הממשת בלוקצ'יין איתי צברי Taken
4506 הגדלת רווח מעמלות עבור כורה של מטבע קריפטוגרפי איתי צברי Taken
4525 TCP Congestion Control Profiling שי ורגפטיק Taken
4526 Load Balancer Comparison שי ורגפטיק Taken
4524 Autoscaling with Docker Container שי ורגפטיק Taken
4478 De-novo DNA assembly using deep learning Leonid Yavits Taken
4574 DNA read mapping using CNN Leonid Yavits Taken
4479 Deep learning for DNA sequence assembly Leonid Yavits Taken
4604 DNA sequence pre-alignment using deep neural network Leonid Yavits Taken