Projects Proposals | Networked Software Systems Laboratory

# Project Supervisor Status
4241 Deep Learning with Caffe2 and Amazon Web Services Rami Cohen Taken
4276 Identifying Human Actions in Videos using Deep Learning Rami Cohen Taken
4242 Training Self-Driving Cars with Genetic Algorithms Rami Cohen Available
4320 Accelerating shuffle communication with an iNIC hardware transport Haggai Eran Taken
4260 New Erasure Codes for Hadoop Michael Gandelman Taken
4293 AUVSI2018 - MP - Mission Planner Hovav Gazit Taken
4294 AUVSI2018 - CS - Computer Systems Hovav Gazit Taken
4149 Smart Pet Feeder Oren Kalinsky Taken
4232 Memory training app Oren Kalinsky Taken
4150 Smart Garden Oren Kalinsky Taken
4148 Cat alarm Oren Kalinsky Taken
4173 Fullstack Android System: App & Server 4 Roman Kaplan Taken
4231 Deep Learning Competition Web-based System Roman Kaplan Available
4054 Fullstack Android System: App & Server 2 Roman Kaplan Taken
4047 Research Project: Bioinformatics Application on a Novel Computer Architecture Roman Kaplan Taken
4055 Fullstack Android System: App & Server 3 Roman Kaplan Taken
4053 Fullstack Android System: App & Server 1 Roman Kaplan Taken
4136 Android OwnCloud client Viktor Kulikov Taken
4137 MultiCoin wallet Viktor Kulikov Taken
4284 BitBay Viktor Kulikov Taken
4322 Save money Viktor Kulikov Taken
4319 MultiCoinWallet (IOS) Viktor Kulikov Taken
4127 Task duplication in computer networks Gal Mendelson Taken
4227 Distributed Traffic Analyzer Roy Mitrany Taken
4323 Italian Performance Monitoring Method Roy Mitrany Taken
4208 Cloud Task Manager Roy Mitrany Taken
4226 Andoid Inertial Navigator Roy Mitrany Taken
4209 RPi 3 Ad Hoc Network Part: 2 Roy Mitrany Taken
4207 Cloud Computing Benchmark Roy Mitrany Taken
4050 Off Bitcoin Blockchain Payment Channels Analysis Oded Naor Available
4139 Exploring remote attestation protocols Meni Orenbach Available
4140 Leaking secrets from secured environments Meni Orenbach Taken
4081 Evaluation of TDSL with STAMP benchmark in Java Hagar Porat Taken
4182 Feedback-Driven Placement of Data-Intensive Applications Gil Shomron Taken
4285 Content-Driven Multithreading in a Systolic Array Architecture Gil Shomron Available
4269 סימולטור רשת מטבע קריפטוגרפי איתי צברי Taken
4281 Scaling programmable switches שי ורגפטיק Taken
4225 Load Balancing in a Cloud שי ורגפטיק Taken
4235 Improving Internet Security שי ורגפטיק Taken
4280 Improving Internet Security on TLS שי ורגפטיק Taken
4202 Fast Genome Analysis Leonid Yavits Taken
4333 Deep Learning using fixed point Leonid Yavits Taken
4203 Fast Genome Analysis Leonid Yavits Available
4332 MVAPICH Optimization and Benchmark Eitan Zahavi Taken