Welcome to the Net-Auction

Net-Auction is an implementation of web auction.
It is like eBay, Sotheby, and others, but has it's original design and bid politics.
The main goal is to provide easy way for buying and selling items (products) over
the web. Any person can register in the web site and after that can to present his
own products for tenders, to take part in another tenders (add bids), to manage user
account, to resell unsold products, rate another users, to be rated and other.
Unregistered person may only see common pages with all tenders, products and seller's

In addition to there common operations there are used some original marketing solutions.
For example, there is an original algorithm for detecting auction winners, based also
on the quantity of bought products and user's money points that has been declared in
his account or got in a process of his sells. There was invested much effort to make
the web site easy, intuitive and friendly for use.

There are few personal goals in this project; to become more familiar with ASP.NET, C#,
Microsoft SQL Server, SQL language and a complex of all above.

This project has been built using the ASP.NET 2 framework. ASP.NET 2 is a web application
framework marketed by Microsoft that allows programmers to built dynamic web sites, web
applications and XML services.
The programming language used in the project is Microsoft C#. It is an object-oriented
programming language developed by Microsoft as a part of the .NET platform. It has
procedural, object-oriented syntax based on C++ and includes aspects of several other
programming languages (Delphi and Java) with a particular emphasis on simplification.
The additional programming tool we used in this project is a Microsoft SQL Server. It
is a relational management system (RDBMS) produced by Microsoft.
“Microsoft Visual Studio 2005” is a program environment that was used for project development.