About the project

EMarket Web Site is used to sell or buy new and used products.

All users:

ü  Registration

ü  Search for products, review product categories

ü  Add/remove products in Shopping Bag

Registered users:

ü  Propose products for sell

ü  Can also remove or hide them

ü  Buy products proposed by others

ü  Resell bought products

ü  Comment and rate other users

EMarket administrator:

ü  Manage users, products and categories

ü  blocks/unblocks users’ accounts

ü  blocks/unblocks products for sell

ü  adds/removes categories

ü  Buy, Sell, Comment, like a regular registered user



ü  Application Tier:  .Net Framework 2 (C#)

ü  Database Tier: Microsoft Enterprise SQL server, ADO.Net

ü  Presentation Layer: ASP.Net

ü  Development Environment: Visual Studio 2005


Contact me:

Milena Natanov: milenantnv@gmail.com

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