Purpose of the product

Location based applications allow different users to share details regarding their present location, E.g. room #313, printer1 etc. These applications enable users to increase office productivity, and allow sending different content, depending on one's location.

Google’s latest development – Google Desktop, has revolutionized the way people use their desktops, allowing for many useful small applications (called gadgets) to reside in the same convenient and compact side bar. Sadly, no location based gadget for the Google Desktop is available these days.

The TrackMe application will combine the better of the two worlds: Riding on the new popularity of the Google Desktop and gadgets, TrackMe will be developed, and shared by the millions (and counting) users of Google Desktop gadgets.

The TrackMe system will be completely generic, enabling users to create and share their building's map, viewing and sharing their friends' locations, and send location based content to different users. This location based content (LBC) can be sent in real-time, and can be attached to a location until removed.

TrackMe map example. Click to enlarge.

TrackMe gadget image. Click to enlarge.