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Project Title: Facebook Application


Speed Date is a web application that can help you to go to a date with other people without bother you to go out from home. This Application is the first (but not last) version.
Social software allows users to interact and share data with other users.
This has become very popular with social sites like MySpace and Facebook.
Many of these applications share characteristics like open APIs, service oriented design, and the ability to upload data and media.

Our goal is that speed date will be ported to work with social networks and therefore will have more exposure.

In our application we made the user interface to be friendlier:
You can easily register and edit your own profile and search settings.
By a distance of a click you can search for users with the settings you edited and send / accept chat requests. Each chat is limited by time and after each chat you will fill a feedback for your date partner. You can watch your scores and by doing that getting better. You will see all recently events in the main form and the popular daters.

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