Java Programming

Location: Room 1137

In this experiment we’ll learn the principles of the Object Oriented Java language, and compare them to the C++ features. We’ll write and run small Java programs.

The main subjects covered in this experiment: arrays, strings, input/output, methods overloading, inheritance, exceptions, containment, interfaces and collections, and polymorphism.

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2 SDK 1.4.2 Documentation

Parallel Programming in Java


In this experiment we will learn the principles of writing parallel programs and the peculiarities of multi-threaded programming in Java language.

The main subjects covered in this experiment: synchronization challenges and their solutions in Java, design of parallel program, task decomposition, executor framework, thread pools.

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Concurrency tutorial by Sun

Routing and Switching in Computer Networks


In this experiment we’ll build several networks using Cisco routers and Linux computers. Every network layout will focus on a specific switching or routing protocol and will elaborate on a different aspect of this protocol.

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Programming in Python

In this experiment we’ll learn the principles of Python language. We’ll write and run several programs.

The main subjects covered in this experiment: variables and arrays, associative arrays, strings, input/output, regular expressions, reflection and subroutines.

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Python Documentation

Introduction to TCP/IP protocols

Location: Fishbach 375

In this experiment we'll learn the structure and usage of the most basic TCP/IP protocols, including: IP, TCP, UDP, ARP and ICMP.
In order to examine these protocols we will generate traffic that uses these protocols and analyze the traffic with WireShark.

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Android Programming

Location: Meyer 1143

linux-androidIn this experiment we'll learn the concept of Android Programming.

The working environment includes Eclipse IDE with the Android plug-in.

Experiment goals:

- Getting to know Android OS

- Learning and understanding the fundemental elements that Android applications are made of, such as Activity, View, Intent, Layout, Input Event and more

- Experiencing writing code and executing basic apps

- Decoupling code files and resource files (XML)

- Working with the manifest file, which manages the application.


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